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Greenfire™ LED Light Towers

One of the most energy efficient line of LED light towers in the industry

The Greenfire™ is one of the most energy efficient line of LED light towers in the industry. This new product line is designed for military, government and industrial applications, for continuous rugged use in extreme weather conditions. It is designed and built to address our customers’ needs.

The Greenfire™ product line consists of the following products:

  • Greenfire Hybrid H100-2 – engine and two batteries
  • Greenfire Hybrid H100-4 – engine and four batteries
  • Greenfire B100-6 – six battery system for indoor/outdoor usage

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Key Features


A standard light tower consumes 1.9 liters (0.5 gal) of fuel per hour. The new Greenfire LED light tower reduces fuel consumption to an astonishing 0.4 liters (0.10 gal) per hour, i.e. one-fifth of the fuel consumption of a standard light tower.

Based on an 11-hour daily average usage, the Greenfire LED light tower will save over 6,000 liters (1,585 gal) of fuel annually as compared to a standard light tower. We believe that no other light tower comes close to the fuel economy of our Greenfire LED towers.



In military, government and industrial applications, the ability of a light tower to run longer hours provides operational, security and logistics advantages. A standard light tower with a 114-liter (30 gal) fuel tank will run for 60 hours. Our new Greenfire LED light tower has a military-grade, 189-liter (50 gal) steel fuel tank, and runs 500 hours on a single fueling. Instead of refueling every 4-5 days, refueling can be done every 42+ days. This greatly reduces manpower, vehicle and fuel cost for support of field units, particularly in remote locations. In emergency or wartime conditions, this reduced logistics burden is essential.



A typical commercial light tower has 3 to 5-years of service life. Our Greenfire LED light tower features durability improvements such as an integral steel 189-liter (50 gal) fuel tank, a durable sun and weather-resistant coiled cable and a leak-tight light junction box to support decades of continuous use.



The track width of the Greenfire LED light tower is slightly wider than other units on the market, allowing it to follow a typical pickup or larger truck in off-road conditions for safer moves. The removable tongue assembly allows the typical 16-meter (53 foot) flatbed trailer to carry 30% more light towers.

For military deployment, the Greenfire LED light towers take less space when carried by C-130 airlifters and feature a new, easily removable mast.

Another variant of our Greenfire line is the stationary light tower, which provides a non-wheeled version for forklift placement, and more compact transport by truck or air.



Our Greenfire LED light tower line provides major advantages in reducing pollution, waste and the potential for environmental damage:

Saves Fuel

The Greenfire LED light tower saves 6,000 liters (1,585 gal) of fuel annually over a standard light tower, which also means less pollution. All our light towers are compliant with EPA Level 4 emissions (equivalent to the EU standards).

No Coolant

There is no coolant to leak onto the ground or to be disposed of as hazardous waste. The diesel engine for the Greenfire LED light tower is air-cooled and does not use coolant, a radiator, or a pump.

No Mercury

Our proprietary LED lights do not contain hazardous mercury compounds as do other HID lights such as metal halide, high pressure sodium or induction technologies. Unlike bulbs containing mercury, our LED lights do not require disposal as hazardous waste, saving time, money and the environment.

Military Grade Steel Fuel Tanks

The Greenfire LED light towers have military-grade steel fuel tanks, not subject to deterioration like polypropylene fuel tanks used in other towers. The remediation of a single spill from a ruptured tank can cost as much as several light towers. Our steel tank is more puncture-resistant than polypropylene, increasing safety and environmental protection.
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